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Expirience made with Genius G840 IC Programmer (from 
Saturday, July 19, 2014, 12:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
A few weeks ago, I obtained a Trantor T130 SCSI ISA 8-Bit controller, and I realized I had to burn an EPROM and also a PAL/GAL chip (both were missing), see >this< blog entry also.
I burned successfully the ROM content, this was easy.
Now I tried to burn also GAL chip, but I run into problems - I guess the chinese programmer can't interpret some JEDEC files or there is a problem with the JEDEC file itself.
Everytime I load the JEDEC file (download from >a vintage-computer blog entry<, included in the attached T130B.ZIP), I see no changes in the Data View window.

I tried to convert the JEDEC file into a binary one, using the JEDUTIL.EXE which is included in the MAME distribution. I got a file with 279 bytes - seems to be wrong also.

Also, I was unsure about the sum of fuses for a 16V8 GAL, but (meanwhile) this seems to be not the problem. I tried also another JEDEC file from ... /EMP21.jed ... this worked, loading it shows also changed data in the data window!

This chinese programmer software (I got version 5.2 which seems to be the newest one) has an ugly user interface and the english translation was not really successful done. Also, some functions can't be used intuitively, e.g. to read a device, you have to choose "CONNECT" first (why not connect the device automatically when "read" is selected ?).
Also, the "programming sequence" let me think about it again.

I have to ask other users of these G540/G840 programmers for their expirience I guess...

See related link for the JEDEC file I can't use.

Added later:
>I have modified the non-working JEDEC file<, and as a result of it, I can load it into the programmer now. 2194 fuses seems to be correct, because these additional fuses (compared to 2048 fuses user data) are not used for normal data, instead, for managing content and special parameters.

I also figured out (again later) that the G840 programmer should not ENCRYPT it as a last step, otherwise a comparison with the loaded content (into buffer) will not work too.
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