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VGACOPY is running again - but not with the Pentium 200 CPU... 
Tuesday, June 5, 2018, 12:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
It seems that something is very different with the Pentium 200 Board (in a 430FX mainboard).
I exchanged the ASUS P55TP4 with a SOYO SY-5EAS5 board, and plugged in an AMD K6-2/400AFR CPU. Surprisingly VGACOPY is running again (reading a 360KB floppy disk in a 360KB floppy disk drive), but HD-COPY 2.0a is still not working. This is indeed a surprise, because my first theory about it was, a faster CPU makes more problems than a slower CPU. But the AMD K6-2/400 is definitely faster than a Intel Pentium 200 (no MMX).
Will stop with further investigations, also because floppy copy programs aren't really worth to start a one-year project ;-)

Btw.: CCS64 v3.92 (running with Windows 98) is working very well with that AMD K6-2 CPU, fast enough to emulate a C64 with 100% speed and excellent compatibility.
WinVice, even the DOS version, isn't optimized for speed. It's about ten times SLOWER than CCS64...

The DOS version of CCS64 v2.0 is running even with the Pentium 200 with enough speed, but unfortunately without good compatibility (e.g. Bomberman - see picture - isn't working with the v2.0)

(related link points to CCS64 web site)
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