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A modern "BASIC Home Computer", "Colour maximite 2", with an ARM7-CPU 
Monday, June 29, 2020, 08:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
That's not vintage, but still interesting.
If you visit Geoff's site (see related link below), you will find infos about the ARM7-based Home Computer from Geoff Graham. It uses an SD-Card as a storage, and it needs a PC USB-keyboard and a VGA monitor. A nice case seems to be also existing:

A detailed description of the hardware features can be found at At least it will run with a 480MHz CPU, that should be fast enough.

It uses MMBASIC, which is a modern BASIC interpreter also with some structured computer language elements (no need for line numbers).

Just take a look at it and judge for yourself if it's worth to be used.

P.S.: There are 2 articles existing in a Magazine named "Silicon Chip", see ... s=nonflash ...

P.P.S.: You can buy also kits >here<.
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