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Cont'd test of disk copy programs (Part 5)  
Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 04:30 PM
Posted by Administrator
Last but not least I tested Disk Copy Fast and Disk Copy Plus, which seems to be almost the same (the first one is the shareware version, the second one seems to be the full version).

Both are working very well, even with the 360KB floppy drive in my Pentium machine.

A true exception is Locksmith, this name is well known since years for Apple II users.
It seems NOT to be related with the makers of the Apple II version, although it is also usable as a disk copier, but not only. The usage of the program is a bit cumbersome:

I do not recommend it.

(for the 4th part of the article series, go on >here<)

The "related link" points to a download site with Disk Copy Fast, but also other already described diskcopy programs.
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Cont'd test of disk copy programs (Part 4)  
Monday, May 21, 2018, 10:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
Now the rest of the "gang". QCOPY Professional works quite ok, Blitzcopy seems to be the same but is a trial version for it. It can be used without loaded mouse driver (pressing the TAB key very often), although it's a lot of easier to use it with a mouse.

Remember you have to deselect multiple sources/targets if you just want to copy one disk.
Also, the option "Diskette Change" means the program waits for a DC signal coming from the drive itself, if you exchange the floppy disk. This can be tricky if you are using a floppy drive with READY signal only and an isolated pin 34 (only one side of the pcb !).

CopyStudio looks also really nice, although it is a bit difficult to use (too many buttons with non-standard names) and it's a time limited version (not yet reached the limit/not tested):

The "related link" points to an URL for downloading Blitzcopy.

(for the 3rd part of the article series, go on >here<)
(for the 5th part of the article series, go on >here<)

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Cont'd test of disk copy programs (Part 3) 
Monday, May 21, 2018, 09:30 PM
Posted by Administrator
So I tested also X-COPY from Cachet Software, see below "related link" for a download link.
This seems to be only copying unprotected disks, with some program failures, too :-(
It looked very nice, still:

The version I tested copies, depending on your choise "FATCOPY" or "ALLCOPY", only used sectors or all sectors of a floppy disk. Depending of this choice also, you get an error message dialog from the program itself, if a 360KB drive is select as source or target ... so this X-COPY 1.28 is not really usable for all tasks. In other words: Copying a 360KB floppy disk in a 360KB floppy disk drive seems to be NOT working.
You can use it without a loaded mouse driver (Cursor keys, Function keys, Enter key).

Also, I tested FROGCOPY, which has like X-COPY a nice graphics screen. It copies all unprotected disks very well, so I can recommend it for daily copying.

(for the 2nd part of the article series, go on >here<)
(for the 4th part of the article series, go on >here<)
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Cont'd test of disk copy programs (Part 2) 
Sunday, May 20, 2018, 08:10 PM
Posted by Administrator
This is HD-COPY, the status information can be found in the lower right corner:

It's NOT working with the Pentium 200 PC, like VGACOPY.

COPYIIPC (all versions) and also COPYWRIT (all versions) are crashing, they will not even show up a program dialog at all:

DISKDUPE and DOSDUPE are working fine:

Usage of DISKDUPE is a bit difficult, you MUST use a MOUSE driver. Also, it's usually found only as a time limited trial version...

>First part of this article series<
>Third part of this article series<

(related link points to download link for DOSDUPE)
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So many DOS disk copy programs, but not all working with a Pentium 200 PC 
Sunday, May 20, 2018, 08:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
There are so many disk copy programs (aka disk copier), but they are not all working with a Pentium 200 PC. Do you remember the hitlist of the best of them ?
a.s.o. (I can't list all, but I guess I listed the most important ones)

Some of them are showing their beauty in graphics mode, but text mode is very functional and is enough to show all necessary information, of course.

I am starting with VGACOPY and HD-COPY because BOTH of them are NOT working correctly with computers using Pentium or newer CPUs. They're working only with a 386 or a 486 PC.
But some programs are so old, that they do not even work with a 386 PC. COPYWRIT and COPYIIPC are working only with XTs (but I didn't manage to test it on a 286 PC).

I tested VGACOPY 3.3 and also the newest VGACOPY 6.25. Both are NOT able to write to a 360KB floppy disk (in a 360KB floppy drive), producing only yellow errorneous sector blocks on the screen:

Cont'd on >Part 2 of the article series<

(related link points to the VGACOPY web site)
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