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Bondwell 12/14

Rare, but still a good portable

After the success of the first Kaypro models, Bondwell decide to offer in the year 1984 a similar portable CP/M-Computer... the Bondwell 12 and 14.

Running with a Z80 with 4 MHz,  9" monitor and with 64KB RAM, CP/M 2.2 was the operating system for the Bondwell 12 (with single sided TEAC floppy drives, similar to the Philips P2000C in fact).
The more sophisticated one, the Bondwell 14, has 128 KB (banked) RAM and floppy drives with a larger capacity (double sided).

It should be easy to upgrade a "12" model with other disk drives, also the empty sockets for the additional 64KB chips are available.
It's a rare computer, there are only a few ones still out there - you should be proud to be an owner of a working one.


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