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The best of breed in the early 80s




Altair 8800

1975 was the year of the first Intel 8080 based Microcomputer, the Altair 8800. It was a S-100 based computer kit, BASIC was the first "operating system" for it. But only a few month later the IMSAI 8080 appeared, and this computer uses the first commercial successful CP/M version (called IMDOS). Years later many famous computer systems like the Apple II (and a Z80 card) and the Osborne's, Kaypro's, TRS-80's and even Amstrad's popular CPC series (all were Z80 CPU based) made CP/M very popular.

The most successful selled CP/M computer ... Commodore 128

Very popular as a game console, but less successful as a business machine.See here for more infos.

What about the old CP/M archive files on your PC ?

I've found a very handy tool, written in C from Carson Wilson in 1991, running under DOS and UNIX, named "CFX".
Unfortunately there were a few bugs in that program, like LBR member archives could not exceed the size of 64 KB (if the members were bigger, it was just modulo 64K, means 96 KB were reduced to 32 KB).
I eliminated the bugs and I expanded it with additional functionality like saving expanded files with a date stamp and filename conversion if a '/' was used in CP/M-filenames.
Now you can extract LBR files, LZH compressed and also squeezed files (xQx and xZx) are also expanded automatically.

You can download the executable and the source of the current version CFX 1.3 from my site here.

I've build also a Win32 executable version so you can go on working with Windows Vista or 7 without problems.

A new promising software named "the unarchiver" can be found at unarchiver.c3.cx, not only for Windows, but also for MacOS X. A list of downloadable files can be found at code.google.com ...


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