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Otrona Attaché

Very rare, and one of the smallest CP/M portables

Another fine portable CP/M-computer from Otrona advanced systems was introduced in 1982, the 'Otrona Attaché'... (Attache with a french special character at the end)

Also running with a Z80 with 4 MHz,  a 5.5" amber monitor and 64KB RAM, CP/M 2.2 was the operating system for it.
Later, an expansion board with a 8086 processor, was also available (it was selled as model '8:16'). The uncommon 2/3 height floppy disk drives have 360 KB capacity each.

CPM version was 2.2.5 (whatever this means), 56KB TPA wasn't really large but still comparable to a TPA size of Apple II CP/M users:

Otrona with booted CP/M 

It's a rare computer, too. Even when it was selled, it was rare, and many people said, it was the stuff NASA people are using :-)

In 1984, the whole production factory was closed.


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