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Graphics with CP/M 


Graphics with CP/M (and the Commodore 128)

There was a graphics standard extension named GSX for few CP/M computer

After I bought a Commodore C128, I started to play with CP/M 3.0 very soon, see here also.

I realized that there are many CP/M text applications, but almost no graphics applications.
It exists only one standardized graphics interface for CP/M, GSX-80. But you have to use a device dependent screen driver for each computer.
Unfortunately Commodore never developed such one, so building such one is one of my ideas I had.
To get in touch with GSX-80, you need only the Programmers Manual (and the Users Manual for a general overview).

I've converted a GSX-80/GSX-86 related programmers manuals to a modern document format here: GSX-PGR.PDF
More GSX-related stuff will follow as I have time for that...

Because starting from scratch in this matter is very hard, I looked for a Graphics Library for the C128 usable with CP/M, and fortunately I found one:
SG C TOOLS from Steve Goldsmith.

Look at this screenshots and you will see what can be done with it...

Here are the compiled files (done with HITECH C):
demo1.pcx - file will be loaded from the main program
demo2.pcx - file will be loaded from the main program

And here is the source code: demo.c

You need also the library (v1.6) itself: libc128.arc

This is the ReadMe-Document which was also included: sgctools.txt

And last, but not least you need the HiTech C Compiler 3.09 - download it here as a ZIP archive.

NEW: Steven Goldsmith has published instructions how to compile it. Also, he published a never seen v1.8 of it (and he included a floppy disk image also).

A different approach was published from a german Commodore Magazine, a library which can be used with TURBO PASCAL 3, also under CP/M 3.
This is included in the archive file, more infos will follow...


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