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1981 started IBM with their halfhearted try to establish a 16 bit CPU in a computer,
the model 5150 with an Intel 8088 was not really a success.
But almost the same concept (with the same CPU) exploded on the market with the model 5160, the IBM PC/XT ... only a hard drive was added, and of course a bit more memory, the famous "640KB barrier" was reached.

Apple build their first Computer with a Motorola 68000 CPU in 1983, the LISA - without success. But only month later in January 1984 a new star was born - Apple Macintosh was shown in public.

1984 was also the year Warner selled Atari to Jack Tramiel. He had the idea of a new 16/32 bit computer series, and in 1985 the first model of the ST ("ST" stands for "sixteen/thirty-two) series was presented to the public - an Atari 520 ST.

And their strongest rival, Commodore, shows their Amiga 1000 in 1985 the first time.

This was the beginning of the "modern" era of Personal Computer, even the most current PC in 2015 still contains a bit IBM PC...

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