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Microsoft's new "Privacy Statement" and conclusions: BE WARNED 
Monday, August 10, 2015, 10:20 PM
Posted by Administrator

No, not only Microsoft is collecting data from all users. This is done also by Apple & Google.
But they didn't do it in such an amount until Windows 10 arrived....

All of the data which will be collected is just to improve your personal expirience. This means you will get tons of advertisments but these are more personalized. Or at least unwanted "suggestions". Ugly.
Many settings are present also to reduce this acquisitiveness, but most of the very new functions can't work without collecting data from you. Cortana, your new speech recognition for example. Hand writing recognition, which adds also new learned words.
Even your Wireless LAN passwords can be shared... you don't want this by accident, I guess.

See also these articles: ... t-settings,2817,2489212,00.asp ... need-know/ ... -settings/

Meanwhile there are tools out there, which easily controls these settings, too.
If you're too careless, you get a new data collector installed instead. offers a tool like that, "DoNotSpy10".
This software is ok for public use, until you accept also some setup options at the time of installation - new, unwanted ad-ware or even new spy software.
So really take care and READ the options of the setup program, or do not use "DoNotSpy10".

Added a bit later: There is also a script/batch file, which can improve privacy. Please take a look inside the file (it's text, not a binary) first. See

Added again later: New bad news ... Windows 10 does not use certificate pinning, means someone can easily apply a man-in-the-middle-attack for each Microsoft cloud-access for example. Explanation for certificate pinning ? See >here<.
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