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Norton Commander - a great tool for MS-DOS, why not for CP/M too ?

CP/M Commander - a two panel file manipulation program

:... like Norton Commander, but for CP/M 2.2 or CP/M 3.0...

Developed in Turbo PASCAL 3.0, the program will have at least the following features:

  1. Two directories each in a window shown simultaneously
  2. Tagging of multiple files (in one window)
  3. Copying of all tagged files
  4. Deleting of all tagged files
  5. Rename of a single file
  6. Viewing of a single file (Text)
  7. Executing a program (may be with the help of submit)
  8. Possibility to change user number (default = 0)

I am not sure there will be additional functionality, depends on the size of the executable (remember: CP/M 2.2 TPAs have typically about 56 KB free memory, CP/M 3.0 have a bit more).

I have still no time for finish this (so no download at all).

A very close adaption can be found as KC commander , seen at KC85 Labor.
Added later: Take a look on a version which runs with an eastern german CP/M computer (1715) at ac1-info.de also ! Looks very promising.

But you can also look for XTree alike programs:

B29 (B29V304.ARC)
VFILER (VFILER17.LBR, or VFILER43.LBR which runs with ZCPR3)

You can find these on CP/M Walnut Creek CD, or in SIG/M or SIMTEL archives.

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