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Kermit-80 for almost all 8-bit computers available

This is a generic approach to get a functional working version of KERMIT-80 V4.11 (also) for any CP/M computer.

The most important link to this subject is this one:
The columbia university's Kermit CP/M source homepage

What do you really need to generate a machine dependant KERMIT-80 V4.11 version ?

CPSKER.HEX (save it with "save as...", do not click on it)
and a machine dependant module (normally linked together with the above main kermit program:

CPVACC.HEX  Access Matrix
CPVADV.HEX  Northstar Advantage
CPVAPL.HEX  Apple II, Z80 Softcard, 6551 ACIA in serial interface
CPVA65.HEX  Apple II, Z80 Softcard, 6850 ACIA in Serial Iiterface
CPVAPM.HEX  Apple II, Z80 Softcard, Micromodem II in slot 2
CPVCPS.HEX  Apple II, Z80 Softcard, with CPS multifunction card
CPVBNS.HEX  Northstar Horizon (terminal required)
CPVBBC.HEX  Acorn "BBC" computer with Acorn Z80 second processor
CPVBB2.HEX  BigBoard II (terminal required)
CPVBRM.HEX  Intertec Superbrain using the main port
CPVBRA.HEX  Intertec Superbrain using the Aux port
CPVCIF.HEX  Cifer 1886 using the VL: Serial port and CP/M V2.2
CPVCI3.HEX  Cifer 1886 using the VL: Serial port and CP/M V3.0
CPVCA2.HEX  Cifer 1886 using the AUX: Serial port and CP/M V2.2
CPVCA3.HEX  Cifer 1886 using the AUX: Serial port and CP/M V3.0
CPVCRO.HEX  Cromemco with TU-ART card. Terminal required)
CPVCOM.HEX  Comart Communicator (terminal required)
CPVPRO.HEX  Compupro with Interfacer 4 (or 3).  Terminal required.
CPVCPC.HEX  Amstrad CPC 664 and 6128 and CP/M 3
CPVCP3.HEX  "Generic": CP/M 3.0 (CP/M Plus) systems (terminal req'd)
CPVCPT.HEX  CPT-85xx wordprocessor with CP/M
CPVDEL.HEX  Digicomp Delphi 100 (terminal required)
CPVDIS.HEX  Action Computer Enterprises "Discovery" (terminal req'd)
CPVDM2.HEX  DECmate II with CP/M option
CPVGEN.HEX  "Generic": CPM 2.2 systems with IOBYTE (terminal req'd)
CPVGNI.HEX  Video Genie
CPVH8Q.HEX  Heath-8 with Quad 8 i/o board
CPVH89.HEX  Heath/Zenith H89
CPVHOR.HEX  Northstar Horizon (terminal required)
CPVKPR.HEX  Kaypro-II (and 4; probably supports all Kaypro systems)
CPVLBO.HEX  Lobo Max-80
CPVMRL.HEX  British Telecom Merlin/Rair Black Box (terminal required)
CPVBEE.HEX  Microbee
CPVMDI.HEX  Morrow Decision I (terminal required)
CPVMIK.HEX  MikroMikko
CPVMM.HEX   PMC 101 Micromate (terminal required)
CPVUD.HEX   Morrow Micro Decision I (terminal required)
CPVDMV.HEX  NCR Decision Mate V.  (Terminal required?)
CPVNS.HEX   Northstar Horizon with HSIO-4 card (terminal req'd)
CPVOSB.HEX  Osborne 1
CPVOSI.HEX  Ohio Scientific
CPVPCI.HEX  Ithaca Intersystems with VI0 card (terminal required)
CPVPCW.HEX  Amstrad PCW 8256/8512 with serial interface
CPVPX8.HEX  Epson PX-8
CPVRMM.HEX  Research Machines 380Z with MDS (5.25" discs)
CPVRMF.HEX  Research Machines 380Z with FDS (8" discs)
CPVUSM.HEX  US Microsales S-100-8 (terminal required)
CPVSAN.HEX  Sanyo MBC-1100
CPVSB6.HEX  Micromint SB-180 with 6Mhz CPU (terminal required)
CPVSB9.HEX  Micromint SB-180 with 9Mhz CPU (terminal required)
CPVSCN.HEX  Screentyper
CPVTEL.HEX  TELCON Zobra portable
CPVTET.HEX  Teletek Systemaster
CPVTRC.HEX  Torch computers BBC-B with Z80 second processors
CPVTLB.HEX  TRS-80 model II with Lifeboat 2.25C CP/M Display
CPVTPT.HEX  TRS-80 model II with Pickles + Trout CP/M Display
CPVTM4.HEX  TRS-80 model IV
CPVVEC.HEX  Vector Graphics
CPVXER.HEX  Xerox 820
CPVZ00.HEX  Z-100 under CP/M-85
CPVZ80.HEX  Z80MU development system on a PC

...all of them can be found on >this ftp directory<. I am mirroring the full archive as a ZIP file >here<, too.

Now, if you get both, the main module and the machine dependant file (both .HEX), link them together with MLOAD.COM.

For example, to get the executable for the Osborne 1, this can be easily done with: MLOAD KERM411=CPSKER,CPVOSB

The result in this example runs on an Osborne and is named KERM411.COM.

Just replace CPVOSB above with any other .HEX file listed in the complete machine overview before to get an other CP/M computer kermit version.

If you have NO POSSIBILITY to use a diskette transfer, you can use a 'bootloader' program, but you need DDT.COM for it.
This bootloader program fetches the file from RDR:/PUN:, it is described in the below mentioned documentation and can be typed in from the console.

Also a possible way is to send just .hex files via the serial port, MLOAD is also available as a .HEX file.

The whole documentation with all needed instructions, too many for the normal user, enough for real CP/M freaks.

Hint: Kermit 4.11 runs on "Generic CP/M systems with IOByte".
It means that Kermit expects to change the lowest two bits (bit 1 and 0) of the IOByte when it wants to use handshake/to signal send/receive readyness. Your BIOS should support this.


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