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PASCAL compiler for CP/M - not too much but  ...

Very popular for programming CP/M applications ...

:... if you do not like C compiler !

Nikolaus Wirth invented 1970 a new programming language named 'PASCAL' (in fact it was influenced by Algol, see also here for a working compiler). Later this language was available also for CP/M.

As a foreword: I am offering the following compiler just for educational, non profit purpose. If any of the former copyright holder send me a mail that this is unwanted, I will immediately delete the concerned file.

Here are the Pascal compiler as complete packages (I do not offer every item by myself, instead, most of these offerings are just links to other sites):

Pascal MT+ compiler v. 5.5 Speed Programming Package included *)
Pascal MT+ compiler v. 5.6.1 also for CP/M *)
Pascal MT+ compiler v. 5.6.1 manual in Postscript *)
PASCAL MT+ Speed programming package docu in text format *)
PASCAL MT+ manual in Word Format *)
PASCAL MT+ manual in HTML Format zipped *)
Pascal MT+ Manual in HTML online *)

Turbo PASCAL 1.0 for CP/M *)
Turbo PASCAL 3.01A for CP/M-80 *)
Turbo PASCAL 3.0 for CP/M *)
Turbo PASCAL 3.01 Patches (locally hosted)

Turbo PASCAL 2.0 for CP/M (now complete, locally hosted)
...and a patch for TP 2.0 here (the fix let exit it always to user 0)

Public Domain Turbo Pascal Terminal Installer (PDTINS) version 1.2

JRT PASCAL 2.0 for CP/M taken from SIGM Vol. 82 (locally hosted)

JRT PASCAL 2.2 for CP/M *)
JRT PASCAL 3.0 for CP/M *)
JRT PASCAL 4.0 for CP/M *)

PASCAL/Z 4.0 for CP/M *) (this is still not free software ! If you have commercial interests, think about buying a real license)

PASCAL/Z user group disks 1-15 (get it from *)
PASCAL/Z user group disks 16-30 (get it from *)

PASCAL-P Compiler version 3.1.9 (from C.B. Falconer) *)
Fix to Pascal-P v 3.1.9
Documentation for Pascal-P *)

Pascal-P Manual (printed format) *)

Manual for PASCAL/P (get it from

Various PASCAL/P files *)

"Pascal Pascal Compiler" v1 from Robert A. Van Valzah
(locally hosted, from 1980)

"Pascal Pascal Compiler" v2 from Robert A. Van Valzah from SIMTEL CPMUG 050 *), this seems to be a more complete but different version

Interesting source code for Pascal MT+ or Turbo PASCAL:

PASCAL MT+ Source Show Directory (all USER areas) *)
TPASCAL 3.0 Show Directory 1 *)
TPASCAL 3.0 Show Directory 2 *)
TPASCAL 3.0 Show Directory 3 *)
TPASCAL 3.0 Show Directory 4
TPASCAL 3.0 Show Directory 5

Turbo PASCAL Lessons Disk 1 (locally hosted)
Turbo PASCAL Lessons Disk 2
(locally hosted)
Turbo PASCAL Tutor
(locally hosted)

Kermit in Turbo PASCAL *)

Unsqueezer source code in Turbo PASCAL (locally hosted)

A Z80 Assembler written in Turbo PASCAL 3.0 source code and executable included, source file was shrinked with a tool named PCRYPT (runs under DOS), because it's too big for the editor. Very useful.

Pascal "pretty" formatter source code (locally hosted)

Very interesting is also the PASCAL P compiler in source code:

PASCAL Compiler and Interpreter, produces P4 Code, source files for compiling with another PASCAL-Compiler or with a C-Compiler. *)

Pascal P5 Compiler/Assembler/Interpreter (all pCode, not real CPU assembler stuff) but sources for all ! *)

Btw. some UCSD Pascal also stuff here, but I made an extra page for it:

USCD Pascal II.9 for Altair Simulator/SIMH *)

USCD Pascal Manual in PDF *)

UCSD Pascal I.5 Sources *)

I rediscovered a very old archive file with UCSD version I.3 files.
Though I am unsure about an interest and if it's already mirrored or not,
I show you the contents of the archive file here, but at the moment I am not offering any downloadable file, because there might be files included, which are of personal nature.

Note:  *) means not hosted on this site.

New: Please take a look also at my new Modula-2 page.

What comes next ?
I will try to compare the compiler and publish the result in a table too.


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