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FORTRAN compiler for CP/M - only a few ...

FORTRAN IV/66 ... a very old language for maths

As a foreword: I am offering the following compiler just for educational, non profit purpose. If any of the former copyright holder send me a mail that this is unwanted, I will immediately delete the concerned file.

Here are the CP/M Fortran compiler as complete packages:

Microsoft FORTRAN-80 3.4 ...can be d/l'd from ><
(please note meanwhile there is also a >F80 version 3.44< available)

Nevada FORTRAN 3.0 ...can be d/l'd from >< also,
>a manual< exists also.

SuperSoft SSS/FORTRAN 3.2 ... >locally< mirrored, also the >manual<.

Not really a full set of Fortran, but surprisingly running on a C64 - Abacus Fortran-64, see >here< for more info.

A book about FORTRAN IV for use with FORTRAN-80 can be found >here< (attention, a PDF with a size of 7 MBytes !).
A manual for above mentioned Fortran-80 3.4 can be found at >here<.

Nevada Fortran Manual (C64 version, but for CP/M) exists >here<.

More FORTRAN stuff, but not FORTRAN IV/66 related:

A book about FORTRAN 77 written by Clive G. Page can be found at the pages of the University of Orleans, exactly >here<, even in PDF available >here<.

Compiles also Fortran (77) code: >Open Watcom< is available in source code and may be somebody is implementing a Z80 code generation ...

A MS-DOS F77 Compiler (binaries only) named "BC Fortran" can be found at simtel's FTP >here<.

Gnu Fortran 77 (g77) 3.46 (this is NOT the newest one but supports older Fortran dialects) is located >here< (linux), manual can be found >online<. There is a >shorthand option< 'f66' which let compile Fortran 66 code easily (except computed goto).

A Fortran 95 Compiler (for Windows and Linux) can be found at ><.

Also, a modern F95 compiler (free for personal use) can be found at >Silverfrost's page<.
Silverfrost offers also an older F77 compiler >here<.

If you have to convert old Fortran IV/77 code, take a look >here<.

What comes next ?
I will try to publish also some source code here... suggestions are welcome for that :-)


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